Today Bill Cosby, tomorrow Donald Trump

By October 17, 2018Feminism

Julie Obiamiwe, March 2018

Bill Cosby and his fall from grace troubles me on so many fronts.

Growing up on a University Campus, in Nigeria I knew that it was possible for black people to be well educated and middle class but even so, it was nice to see that reflected in an African American setting on prime time TV.  It was nice also to see a black man lead a black cast in a very successful show.  Accordingly, his downfall is another loss for the black community globally.  I wanted to believe in Dr Huxtable too so it has been personally sad for me too.

Sexual predation is problem worldwide so it worries me that it took the testimony of 60 women to finally bring Bill Cosby to justice.  The testimony of two or three should have been enough.  Based on the stories that keep coming out about the Bill Cosby’s working environment over the decades, it sounds like nobody was willing to confront the situation and that he was protected by a powerful wall of silence.

Then there is the issue of racism.  Bill Cosby is worth 400 million USD according to Wikipedia meaning that he could afford the best lawyers.  There are those that argue that he has been brought down by racism and to that end it did not matter how much money he had in the bank.  I don’t know what to make of that.  I know as a lawyer that deep pockets make a big difference in litigation.  Most people would spend their last penny to clear or keep their good names and I feel that Mr Cosby would have fought as hard as he could.


However, I think that the issue of racism is relevant when you consider the fact that Donald Trump, the 45th US president and white man continues to serve in office in today’s climate of #MeToo and #TimesUp.  Sexual predators should be punished irrespective of their colour so the fact that Trump has not even faced the equivalent of suspension from office when 22 women have accused him on record of being a sexual predator coupled with the comments that we have on record from the man himself makes my mind boggle.


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