MEGXIT: Why Harry & Meghan should be stripped of their titles

By January 20, 2020Feminism

Photograph Harry & Meghan on their wedding day is courtesy of PA for the BBC

The recent media coverage of Harry and Meghan has really surprised me to say the very least.  I thought that the idea of senior members of the Royal family stepping back would be good news for the Royal family and by extension, the British taxpayer because of the potential reduction of expenditure this will represent for the public purse.  Instead, there has been interview after interview about how angry the Queen is with Harry and Meghan. Sadly, the bulk of the vitriol has been reserved for Meghan.

The main sticking points appeared to be the cost of security and the issue of their titles with many stating that as the Queen mentioned both Harry and Meghan by name in a statement rather than their titles, she is considering stripping them of their titles.  I think that Harry and Meghan should take a bold step and give up their titles altogether.  Alternatively, the Queen could do them a favour and strip them of their titles.  If they were stripped of their titles, Harry and Meghan will still have to be careful about what commercial activities that they embark upon going forward and be mindful not to do anything to bring Britain and the Royal family into disrepute. As Harry was born into the family, he will always be connected to it, meaning that both he and Meghan will always be vulnerable to accusations that they are cashing in on the family connection.  However, I truly think that Meghan and Harry will still be successful with any endeavours that they turn their hands to with or without their titles.  They will be free to live their lives hopefully without being accused of making their way in life by taking advantage of their Royal status.

I was happy to learn that they plan to reimburse the public for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage.  I think this needed to be done even though it is probably a public building just like any other including the Royal Palaces and was always going to be renovated at some point at public expense.  Based on the media coverage on and offline there are members of the British public that remain very angry with Meghan and would like her to disappear under a rock and never be seen again.  I don’t understand it because Harry although 6th in line on paper is no longer required as a “spare” because William’s three children are now in line to succeed to the throne.  This means that Harry was always going to have to make plans for his life and by “stepping back” from life as a senior royal in 2020 he has merely speeded up this process.  As I understand it, there were always plans afoot for a slimmed-down Royal family which makes the outrage against Meghan in particular, bewildering.

Proud parents, Meghan & Harry cradling baby Archie – photograph courtesy of PA for the BBC

It would appear that the general consensus amongst Meghan’s detractors is that she is a fame-hungry, over-ambitious social climber and narcissist who uses everyone on her way to the top including her family members, friends and acquaintances and now Harry and the British Royal family.   Meghan has also been accused of playing the race card even though she has never actually spoken on this to my knowledge.  However, with respect to the issue of racism, those of us who are ethnic minorities that live in modern Britain can bear witness to the subtlety and pervasive nature of institutional racism in Britain.  I love Britain and believe that it is a more tolerant country than many others, but I would be lying if I said that I have not experienced racism over the years.  It is the constant daily microaggressions very similar to the drip-drip damaging effect we can see in the subtle and devastating difference between the media coverage that Meghan received for instance about cradling her bump compared to Kate and the constant comparisons between the Kate and Meghan concerning their choice of wedding dresses, flowers, avocados and so on.

There were times in the past when I watched the media coverage surrounding the then Kate Middleton with real concern. Ever mindful of the media circus that the late Princess Diana had to navigate, I did worry for Kate.  However, the racist element in the coverage and vilification of Meghan is an added element in my view and such a let-down after what seemed like a magical wedding in 2018 in which the Royal family and British public seemed to embrace diversity.  The vilification of Meghan seems relentless and going forward being stripped of their titles may well be the blessing in disguise that she and Harry need.

There is also speculation that Meghan and Harry’s marriage will be over in five years if that.  If this is the case, then the Queen in leaving it open for Harry to return to the Royal family took a wise step. I hope, however, that they go on to have a successful marriage and family life.

Apparently, Meghan is now one of the most hated royals ranking above or below Prince Andrew who as we know was recently stripped of all his Royal duties following the fallout from the late Jeffrey Epstein scandal.  Epstein was a convicted paedophile that was allegedly murdered in jail though the official report is that he committed suicide.  I will leave you to Google search the details and come to your own conclusions.

Good luck Harry, Meghan & Archie – I think you are going to need it!

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