Jhangir Mahmood

Jhangir is an equity partner of Foster & Foster Solicitors and somewhat of a trailblazer who has always looked at the profession through his own prism. He has been willing to innovate and try something different. Social welfare law was his reason for entering the profession, and he remains deeply involved and passionate about such cases. He has always fought for the everyday person against large organisations.

Jhangir started his legal career at Brixton Law Centre, where he specialised in Housing Law. He was one of the first to be involved in setting up the duty solicitor scheme (defending possession proceedings) in the Lambeth County Court. He has supervised many solicitors and defended possession in many hundreds of cases over the years.

He is currently one of the lead solicitors in representing the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. He is dealing with the Grenfell Public Inquiry and the civil claims for over 100 victims of the fire. His previous experience in housing law and civil litigation has meant he is ideally placed to deal with this high-profile case.